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ServiceMaster helps local homeowners after garage fire nearly destroys home


House fire on the morning of February 15th, 2019


At around 9:15 am the residents at the 400 block of North Peppertree Drive in Vero Beach woke to a fire that started in the garage of their family home.
The homeowners were thankfully able to make it out unharmed. Our team responded and worked with the fire marshal to pack out everything that could be salvaged from the house. They carefully cleaned and repacked all of the residents’ belongings. Then, once approved by the fire marshal, our team started with the demo.

The heat of the fire scorched the underside of the trusses and framing that hold up the second floor.

With the 2nd floor above the garage scorched from the fire, jacks had to be put in place to brace the upper level and prevent the 2nd floor from caving in.


In order to enter the structure we first needed to work with the engineer reports and create safety protocols. Our team then spent multiple days gutting the house, removing all burnt walls, ceiling, insulation, furniture, and flooring.

To reach the 20 ft high ceilings our our team used scaffolding and big extension ladders as well as safety harnesses attached to the trusses for employee safety

"Over the past 25 years I have personally seen it all when it comes to disasters and know what it takes to complete any restoration project."

Keith Grella, Owner/Operator