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"There's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst." - Stephen King

The best way to overcome a disaster is to prepare. When losing even a single day can be devastating to your business productivity, a business continuity plan helps to minimize damages and get you back to business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When your pre-loss plans include the disaster restoration expertise of ServiceMaster By Glenn’s, you are better prepared for the unexpected. We can help you to minimize damage and back to business quickly and efficiently.


What is a business continuity strategy?
A business continuity strategy helps guide you, your employees and your business through a disaster. Procedures regarding preventative and recovery strategies are planned out before a tragedy occurs, so that everyone knows what to do until normal operations are restored.

Why do you need a business continuity plan?
Since disasters can occur with little or no warning, it’s crucial that your company has a continuity plan in place. That way, in the unfortunate event that a disaster does occur, your employees will already know how to continue business until the building, your technology and all your important contents can be restored to full pre-loss conditions.

What is the purpose of a business continuity plan?
At ServiceMaster By Glenn’s, we understand how crucial every second of business is. Even when the office is unavailable during a disaster, work still needs to get done. The purpose of a business contingency plan is to ensure that you don’t lose all your profits and productivity during a catastrophe. Along with keeping your staff and your essential equipment safe, a business continuity plan will provide information on how to keep operations running smoothly, even when the basecamp is damaged.

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  • Establish a planning committee and their responsibilities
  • Review Insurance Policy
  • Consider Regulating Authorities
  • Capital Asset Inventory
  • Backup Vital Records
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Select a Restoration Service