Meet the Owner

Keith Grella
Keith Grella, Owner/Project Coordinator

Keith Grella

Owner/Project Coordinator

Keith Grella, the second generation owner of ServiceMaster by Glenn’s which his father founded in the ‘70’s, is one of South Florida’s top authorities on disaster restoration and water, fire, and mold clean up.  He is frequently called on for his knowledge and experience in disaster situations by insurance agents and adjusters, property managers, general contractors, and many other service providers.  His company has been in business for 40 years, and he has personally project managed over 6,000 restoration jobs over his 25 year career in this field.

Disaster Relief Efforts

Keith was on the scene directing relief efforts at the following disaster events:

  • 2018 Hurricane Michael FL. Panama City
  • 2017 Hurricane Irma FL. Keys
  • 2016 Hurricane Matthew FL. St. Augustine
  • 2016 St. Lucie County Recycling Plant Fire
  • 2008 Hurricane Ike Houston / Galveston
  • 2005 Hurricane Wilma Key West
  • 2004 Hurricanes Frances and Jean Vero Beach
  • Cheeca Lodge Fire


Owner of ServiceMaster by Glenn’s, one of South Florida’s leading and highest regarded disaster clean up companies since 1979.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration:

  • Certified in Water Damage Restoration
  • Certified in Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Certified in Applied Microbial Remediation
  • Certified in Applied Structural Drying
  • Certified in Odor Control
Additional Certifications and State Licenses:
  • Commercial Certification in Large Loss and Project Management
  • FL State Certified Mold Remediator (#MRSR592)
  • FL State Certified Mold Assessor (#MRSA1798)
  • Large Loss Mastery - ELITE - Commercial Property Restoration

Notable Projects

Coral Beach Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was called in to dry-out the 300 unit beachside resort and conference center from the affects of Hurricane Dorian. Keith Grella was called by the adjuster handling this loss. Upon arrival, Keith met with the resort owners, facilities manager, adjuster and loss consultants to do a damage assessment, project planning to establish a budget number. The ServiceMaster crews arrived by noon the following day of the storm and immediately began staging and installing drying equipment throughout the resort. In all, over 1,000 air movers and 280 dehumidifiers were utilized over the next 5 days to dry the wet flooring, walls, ceiling, and contents.
The hotel was able to reopen within just one week of ServiceMaster’s assistance. Keith used his prior 25 years of experience and project management skills to direct 25 workers to accomplish this challenging task. There was no demolition of any materials needed and no following remediation required. The hotel and resort reopened to their full capacity for Labor Day Weekend which saved the insurance company thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue funds.
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Bungalows Resort, Key Largo
An early morning fire that started in a trash can next to the resorts main restaurant cause several million dollars in damages to the resort, spa areas, pool and lounge area. ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was called in by the adjuster assigned to the loss. Keith Grella worked along side his crew to provide demo services, dry out, smoke removal, mold remediation and soda blasting to all the affected areas. Keith used his skills in Large loss project management , problem solving and job scope assessment to work with the other vendors on site to enable a speedy recovery time to allow reconstruction to begin within one month of the date of loss. ServiceMaster assisted in the project planning and remediation plan that was needed for the general contractor, adjusters, consultant, engineers and property owners to move forward on the recovery and reconstruction of the restoration.
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Indian River Estates

On August 16th around 6 pm the main sprinkler pipe in the hallway
of the H building had burst, an on-site manager for Indian River
Estates called ServiceMaster by Glenn’s.

  • The entire first floor had a couple of inches of water & several sections
    of the drop ceiling had collapsed
  • Each room was inspected using moisture meters and inferred cameras
  • A total of 366 fans & 47 dehumidifiers were place
  • Make shift plastic dehumidifier bins were created to aid in the
    water removal
  • Power boxes were added to maximize the use of equipment placed
  • The job was monitored around the clock with crews working 18-hour
    days for 4 days straight
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Citrus Grill House

At about 5:30 a.m. on March 27th a fire started in the kitchen of Citrus Grill House by a pot that was left on a burner at the restaurant. The heat caused one of the sprinkler lines to burst and water flooded the entire restaurant, wicking up the walls and covering the floors.

  • Immediately 150kW generators were brought in to provide temporary power to run commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers preventing any mold and removing the smell of smoke
  • Hand Scrapped nearly 3,200 square feet of sprayed on fire barrier/sound proofing insulation that was holding in the smell of smoke
  • Conducted an in-depth screening using inferred technology to confirm there was no hidden moisture behind walls or under the floor
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Hurricane Irma

We responded to at least 113 homes in the week following Hurricane Irma. In addition to covering homes in our local area of Indian River County, we also handled several jobs in the Middle and Upper Keys, Melbourne, Barefoot Bay, St. Lucie County, and Martin County.

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Univest Building

At 8:30am on an August Saturday morning, the fire alarms went off on a five-story office building in Vero Beach. The building, which was home to law offices, engineering firms and other business professionals, was on fire! Service Master by Glenn’s was on the scene within the hour to start remediating not only the fire damage on the 3rd floor of the building, but the smoke damage that had damaged the other 2 floors of the office building as well. As with all fire damages, water is needed to put out the fire, so this was not only a fire damage and smoke / odor remediation job, but the water damage caused by putting the fire damage had to be restored as well. Keith Grella, our fearless leader, was called upon to not only handle the restoration of the fire damage, smoke damage and water damage, but also the Project Manager for the repair and rebuild phase of the project after the restoration was complete. We utilized round the clock cleaning crews, had to gut the five story office building to the studs, replace all the air ducts in the building and do multiple fog treatments to get rid of the smoke odor! Read more about this project by clicking here.

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St. Lucie County Recycling Plant

In October 2016, after a welder’s spark ignited a flame after hitting some dripping hydraulic fluid of the 18 million dollar recycling plant equipment, the 35,000 square feet building was affected by heavy soot. The 38 ft high ceilings and the 2 week deadline were some of the challenges associated with this project. Over 75 cleaning technicians, lift operators, scaffolding installers, Health and Safety Officers, electricians, and multiple Project managers and superintendents were implemented to satisfactory complete this risky project on time and on budget. Read more about this project by clicking here.

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Quail Valley at the Pointe

In September 2016, a failed shut off switch on a large upstairs fish tank was the culprit on this emergency water damage that happened just 2 days before the highly anticipated private clubs grand opening. ServiceMaster was called in by the club’s owners to assess the damages that leaked into the main dining room on the bottom floor of the club. Using infrared technology, Keith Grella quickly identified which affected materials could be saved and what materials needed to be removed to assure a timely dry out of the building. Dehumidifiers and high velocity fans were brought in to facilitate the dry out of the upstairs bar area and downstairs dining room and containments were installed to maximize the drying equipment’s efficiency and to minimize cross contamination of dust particles during the material tear out. ServiceMaster dried out all the affected materials and wet spaces within 48 hours and coordinated the drywall and wet material replacement and the repainting of all the affected surfaces and the club was able to open within 5 days of the initial damage.

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Jupiter Commercial Office Center

In March 2014, an air handler and cooling unit located on this large 2 story office buildings roof leaked in several hundred gallons of water throughout the offices of this office center. Several crews worked through the night extracting water and removing damaged ceiling tiles and wet materials throughout the individual leased office spaces. ServiceMaster was able to coordinate with the building owner and each separate business owner to stay in operation during the dry out phase so as to not lose any business or have any lost income. The common area walkways were also flooded and ServiceMaster installed our air movers and dehumidifiers with extreme caution as to not create any tripping hazards as multiple offices and workers were using these spaces to come in and out of. The spaces were dry within 3 days and all the drying equipment was removed immediately to prevent any business interruption.

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Prado Condominiums West Palm Beach

In February 2013, a leaking pool located on the 7​th​ floor of this high rise flooded the crawl spaces and pump room areas that were located directly underneath the pool and pool’s deck area. This project involved limited access, 4 ft x 3 ft wide high confined space crawl spaces that went back several hundred feet from its main entry point. The crawl space floors were lined with an absorbent material that had to be removed throughout these floor spaces. All affected areas were extracted, cleaned, and sanitized. Limited access, oxygen, and electrical hazards, and limited lighting were the many risks and challenges involved with this project.

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Ramada Inn Beachside Hollywood Resort

In March 2010, ServiceMaster responded after over 11 inches of rain fell continuously which resulted in the flooding of this large resort and hotel. ServiceMaster showed up within 2 hours of being called and had to drive through 4-5 feet of water in order to get there. Our multiple crews worked through the night, extracting water throughout the hotel lobby, restaurant areas, and several of the retail shops located on the bottom floor. Dehumidifiers and air movers were set in place and all the affected materials were dried within 72 hours which minimized business interruption.

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Cheeca Lodge Resort, Islamorada, FL.

A New Year’s Eve 2009 fire forced the evacuation of the main hotel and restaurants and resulted in the closing of the resort for approx. 1 year. ServiceMaster was hired by the resort’s owner to dry the entire 50,000 sq. ft. structure from water damage from the fire department. Firefighters spent over 12 hours fighting the fire and putting the flames out and used several hundred thousand gallons of water. Large desiccant dehumidifiers were brought in along with hundreds of air movers to dry the building envelope and to minimize the mold growth.

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Hurricane Ike, Galveston and Houston

In September 2009, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s sent several of their crews to Texas to help out some other ServiceMaster franchises that were located in these affected areas. Our crews and staff worked on large churches, businesses, and several homes helping them restore their property after this large Cat 3 storm affected their lives.

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Key West Hurricane Wilma

​​A high tide and full moon resulted in a 9 ft. storm surge during October’s Hurricane Wilma which flooded thousands of Key West homes and businesses. ServiceMaster by Glenn’s mobilized their crews and helped out dozens of flooding businesses and homes and helped them return their lives back to normal after this damaging storm.

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John’s Island

​In September 2004, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was hired by John’s Island Management Company (CCSI) to handle the water damage and mold remediation in over 100 homes and condo units in one of the South East’s most prestigious communities. ServiceMaster successfully remediated dozens of mold affected homes and coordinated the independent mold testing needed for the final clearance testing before any construction could begin. ServiceMaster by Glenn’s is currently John’s Island Management Company (CCSI) preferred mitigation contractor and is under contract to be one of their preferred first responders in the event of an emergency event.

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Village Spires Condominiums

Damage resulted from Category 3 Frances and Jean which hit Vero Beach in September within 3 weeks of each other. ServiceMaster by Glenn’s, under the direction of Keith Grella, was responsible for the complete mitigation of (2) 13 story oceanfront condominiums. Crews of 30 restoration technicians worked day and night to remove the water damage and mold affected drywall, flooring, baseboards, and to dry the entire structure to minimize and prevent further mold growth. A total of 104 units were affected and ServiceMaster restored each unit in order for the reconstruction to begin. Challenges included no power for 3 weeks, which meant elevators could not be used to bring down the affected materials. This meant bringing in temporary lighting to be able to see down the stairwells for the demolition activities.

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Regency Windsor

​​Days before its June grand opening and scheduled certificate of occupancy, a main 4 inch overhead main water supply joint broke resulting in thousands of gallons of water pouring in over a long holiday weekend. The water break went undetected until the cleaning staff arrived on a Monday morning. Several truck mounted extraction units were mobilized and extraction was performed throughout the 25,000 square feet sales center, meeting rooms, and dining areas of this high end retirement community in Vero Beach. Large desiccant dehumidifiers along with several portable dehumidifiers and armovers were implemented to minimize the tear out and demolition of wet materials. The entire structure was completely dry within 4 days with minimal repairs needed to the brand new building.

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With Keith Grella handling your restoration needs, you can be confident you have the best knowledge, experience and expertise the Treasure Coast has to offer. 

Call us today at 772-567-4435 to discuss how ServiceMaster By Glenn’s can help you!

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