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Hurricane season starts june 1st

Forecasters are calling for anywhere between 14-18 named storms this 2018 hurricane season. Of those named hurricanes, 7 of those are supposed to become hurricanes!

Follow these hurricane preparation tips (and share with your friends!):

Get an Insurance Checkup

Before a storm hits, make sure you know your insurance coverage limits and what it includes. See what you should look for.

Assemble Disaster Supplies

Once a storm hits, all food supplies & water quickly disappear! Get your non-perishable foods and water ready now. See what you need to include on the list.

Get a Disaster plan

Make sure your plan is easily accessible and that all interested parties know what it is and have access! Get your template now

how will you evacuate?

Knowing the highways and freeways will be clogged once a potential hurricane landfall is announced... what is your evacuation plan? Get local tips

determine your risk

What is your home or property most at risk for? Learn how to find out

now is the time for home projects

Instead of waiting until the hurricane has Indian River County in its sights, get your home repairs done now! See the suggested property evaluation & repair list.

give back

Are you aware of any disabled neighbors or community members that might need help preparing? Doing the work now is better than waiting until the impending landfall of a hurricane. See how to get involved.

when it comes to dealing with disasters...

We have 40 years experience and have seen it all. We put together this guide to help you serve your policyholders the best you can. We want you to be successful.  Reach us 772-567-4435 anytime of the day or night.