Hurricane Preparedness: Strengthen Your Home

Why Wait? Take some stress away from the already stressful process of anticipating a tropical storm or hurricane. Get your home or business ready for a storm before it even gets here! You know living in Florida that we will at least get one storm per year (and that’s extremely conservative), so preparing for upcoming […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Determine Your Risk

when it comes to hurricanes, What are you at risk for? It is important to remember, hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. The impact of hurricane force winds can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur without it being a major hurricane. Consider the following threats: Storm Surge While storm […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Develop an Evacuation Plan

Do you know if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone? Knowing this information beforehand can help you when a hurricane or tropical storm approaches. Check now Visit the Florida Disaster Map Hurricane Evacuation Zone Locator and see if your home or business lies in an evacuation zone! look now Voluntary vs. Mandatory Evacuations Technically, […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Get a Disaster Plan

Being prepared for a tropical storm or hurricane will help with the stress of preparing for a hurricane. You never know where and what you will be doing when that tropical storm warning comes about. You could be coming back from vacation, a business trip or out of town altogether. Ask these 4 questions of […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Assemble Disaster Supplies

Beat the rush: Get your supplies now Waiting until a hurricane has got our area in its sights is a bad time to be thinking about hurricane supplies. People panic and store shelves become empty within a few hours of the news stations proclaiming we are under a tropical storm/hurricane warning or watch. Gas stations […]