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Property Managers: How To Ensure Tenants Renew Their Lease

As property managers, profit and loss is what drives your business decisions. It is important that the property you are managing is not only kept in good condition BY the tenants but that you are also keeping the property in good condition FOR the tenants! 

When your property that you manage or own experiences water, fire, mold or storm damage… how to you handle tenant relations? 

Consider this scenario… something no one had planned for! An unexpected flash flooding throughout most of Vero Beach.

Historic Flooding in Vero Beach, May 2016
On May 17th 2016, Vero Beach was hit unexpectedly with a strain of severe weather that caused record breaking flash flooding within a matter of minutes throughout most of the city. Some areas were reporting over 12 inches of rain, leaving multiple homes flooded with inches of standing water. What happened that day no one was prepared for, but ServiceMaster By Glenn’s was. As we watched outside the streets filling with water, we knew it was time to call to action. We…
When an unexpected disaster or failures in appliances occur...
  • How do you handle tenant communications in a disaster?
  • How do you cover your expenses if you need to move your tenants to temporary housing?
  • What do you do if contractors don't fulfill their commitments in a timely manner?
  • How do you cover costs while you are waiting on your insurance claim to process?
One the most important factors for your success is tenant retention. We have some ideas to help you navigate these problems:

We also know that different types of properties present different types of problems!

Single Family Homes

See our tips for managing disasters in single family homes you manage

Apartments & Condos

See our tips for managing disasters in apartments & condos you manage


See our tips for managing disasters in duplexes you manage


See our tips for managing disasters in townhomes you manage

When it comes to dealing with disasters...

We have 40 years experience and have seen it all. We put together this guide to help you make the best decisions along your journey of being a property manager. We want you to be successful. If you have any questions, would like some tips or guidance… we are only a phone call away! Reach us at 772-567-4435 anytime of the day or night.