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How to Test for Toxic Mold

toxic mold vero beachSo you have detected mold in your home or business, now it's time to test it to see if it is toxic mold or just a benign mold. What is involved in toxic mold testing?

  • Use your nose. Toxic mold will reveal itself you to immediately by smell. The odor permeates through the house or building and you will definitely be able to smell it.
  • Find out where it is. If you smell mold in your home or building, starting looking around to determine where it might be so you can better direct the mold remediation professionals as to where it is. Common areas mold grow are:
    • In your carpet. Look under carpet pads and underneath carpets or rugs
    • Behind wallpaper or draperies
    • Inside or outside pipes
    • Inside or outside ductwork
    • Inside your ceiling, like above ceiling tiles
  • Once you find mold, schedule a mold inspection. Mold, toxic or non-toxic, can cause reactions in people. It is important to get any type of mold that you detect checked out to make sure you keep your employees, family and yourself healthy,

If you detect mold in your home or business, call the mold removal experts here at ServiceMaster By Glenn's at 772-567-4435.

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