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What are the different types of smoke damage?

smoke damage vero beachIf you have recently experienced a fire or smoke damage in your residence or business lately, you may not be aware that there are actually different types of smoke damage. The type of smoke damage determines how ServiceMaster By Glenn's restores your property.

Here are the different types of smoke damage:

  • Dry Smoke Damage. This type of smoke damage is caused by a fire that has burned rapidly. Since fires that burn quickly produce very high temperatures, they incinerate the material that is burning. This leaves behind a dry, powdery residue that does not smear.
  • Protein Smoke Damage. One of the first things you'll notice about protein smoke damage is the odor. Protein fires are usually caused in the kitchen, after meat or other food items have been left unattended or caused by appliance malfunction. The residue from this type of fire is invisible, yet it permeates cabinet interiors, soffits, range hoods, closets and ducts. Some painted surfaces may even develop discoloration.
  • Fuel Oil Smoke Damage. This type of smoke damage is usually caused by an oil furnace or can by emitted by certain types of grills. This type of smoke damage causes a sooty, black residue. It spreads and can coat nearby items such as couches, carpets or patio furniture.

One thing to remember is smoke damage will not go away with simple household cleaners. It takes the work of a certified restoration technician to use the right chemicals and industrial-grade cleaners to successfully remove the smoke damage without causing damage, if possible.

ServiceMaster By Glenn's willl send affected items out for testing. Testing allows you and your insurance company to determine what can be saved or restored and what is damaged beyond repair.

No matter whether it's water damage, mold damage, fire damage or smoke damage, getting a certified restoration professional into your home as soon as possible after damage has occurred is imperative. In the case of smoke damage, doing so minimizes the effects of chemicals that are on surfaces and items in your home as a result of the smoke damage. Call ServiceMaster By Glenn's at 772-567-4435 today if you have suffered a fire or smoke damage.


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